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We offer a variety of health screenings such as Cannabis Health Test, Health Fit Test, Medication Insight, Hereditary Cancer and more...  These can all be purchased through us and do not require any insurance verification.

Our goal is to give you the tools to take control of your own health care decisions.  There are many alternatives to prescribed medications.  In fact some medications do more harm than good.  Your body knows what you need.  The key is to find ways to unlock that information.  These at home kits attempt to do that.  Give you information based on your DNA to make decisions about your own health care.

Have you suffered from side effects?  This is because your body doesn't metabolize the prescription properly.  The Prescription Insights test will show you which prescriptions do more harm than good.  You can take this to your doctor to use in making medication decisions.  Most doctors do not even know this type of report is available.

Do you use cannabis or CBD for health reasons?  Are you interested in learning the benefits of these products or which strains may be the best for you?  Our Cannabis Health Report will show you which strains are better for sleep, anxiety, metabolism, gut health,.... or which strains to stay away from.  It will also help you calculate your ideal dosages.

Do you exercise and wonder why you're not seeing the results you expect?  You may need a different routine or focus on different dietary needs.  Our Health Fit test will help you unlock the keys to your nutrition and health goals.

Do you suffer from diarrhea, bloating, rashes, headache, etc?  We offer a test to show you what you may be intolerant to.  These are common symptoms of an intolerance to environmental factors, foods, metals or additives.  This is not an allergy test.  Once you have the test you begin to eliminate the high risk factors from your diet or surroundings until you find those which are causing the issues.

Once you receive the test kit, send the mouth swab back in the postage paid envelope.  In most cases you will have your results in less than 2 weeks.  Some tests include genetic counseling or time with a health coach.

Please contact us to learn more about the screenings we offer.  We have sample reports to share with you!


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